Creatine to increase muscle mass

First of all and before entering to talk about when to take creatine , or what creatine to take is very important to highlight what is creatine, is called a-metilguanido-acetic and often abbreviated in the literature as Cr is an organic nitrogenous acid found in the muscles and nerve cells of some living beings.

The creatine was discovered in 1832 by French chemist Eugene Chevreul Michel. In 1547 Lieberg concludes that the accumulation in the body is directly involved in the production of muscular work , this research was done using as pilot test the domestic and wild foxes.

It is synthesized naturally in the liver, pancreas and kidneys from amino acids such as arginine, glycine and methionine at a rate of one gram of creatine per day. It also constitutes the direct and immediate source to regenerate ATP and provide energy to the muscle cells.

Creatine is currently used as a dietary supplement in some sports of intensity, due to its ergogenic properties and that allows repetitive loads and brief periods of recovery, with the aim of gaining anaerobic energy and muscular size, without any increase in the volume of water of the same.

Types of creatine
To determine which creatine to take and increase muscle mass it is necessary to know what are the types of this that exist, the most used format or most commercialized testex 100 class of creatine is the monohydrate, which is not more than a molecule of creatine bound to a molecule of Water.

This is the most frequent form of presentation of creatine, because it is the most available for the body, it comes in a white, tasteless powder that is quickly solubilized in water.

Another type of creatine is creatine citrate, where it is linked to a citrate molecule, which intervenes in the energy metabolism, so that the fusion results in more energy, but it is something that has not yet been proven scientifically.

The other type of creatine is creatine phosphate , like citrate, which is involved in energy metabolism to form phosphocreatine, the initial idea of ​​fusion arises due to the components of each where it was supposed to have a better effect, without However, it has not been proven how efficient it is.

In short, with the data we have so far, there is no fixed result that dictates that any of the types of creatine is better than the already recognized creatine monohydrate, and that this is the most consumed form today. since in addition to being the most concentrated formula it is the most economical.

When to take creatine to obtain maximum results
It is important to know that when you take creatine is based on performance, otherwise it would not make sense their consumption, so in the first instance, the question, when to take creatine the answer is when you need and want to accelerate and better the physical conditions of the body.

Now, if it is already clear that what is sought is to perform more in activities of intensity and much effort both mentally and physically, knowledge about the posology of creatine is quite important. Next a structure of the recommended doses to take creatine and obtain good results

Dr. Serrano is very excited about his “guaranteed” prescription in the use of creatine. According to him … and he has had a lot of athletes to try it, you will be able to earn and maintain at least ten pounds of lean mass.

Super Cycle of Creatine of Dr. Eric Serrano:

Week 1: 0.35 g / g Kg (creatine per kilo of body weight) *

Weeks 2-5: 0.15 g / kg

Week 6: Off

Week 7: 0.35 g / kg

Day 8: 0.15 g / kg

Weeks 9-12: Off

* Example: A bodybuilder at 200 pounds of body weight would take 32 grams of creatine a day during weeks 1 and 7, and 14 grams a day during weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8.

It is also very important for Dr. Serrano about the use of creatine:

* Take no more than five grams per dose.
* Mix with a minimum of 12 ounces of water.
* Avoid taking creatine while using anti-inflammatory drugs such as advil, aspirin or others of the same class.
* There is no better time to take creatine. If you are using only monohydrate creatine, it would not be recommended to use it before training due to the cramps it causes.
* Studies using “loading” or taking higher doses have not shown any difference with those who take creatine for a long time.
* Two things affect creatine, how much red meat you eat and how much water you drink.

The most usual dose since 1990 is 4 of 5-7 grams a day for 5 days. That is to say around 20-25 grams daily distributed in 4 takes. However, it is important to note that this dosage is not profitable for the muscle since that dose is excreted in the urine.

So at the time of starting a treatment with creatine, the first thing to do is to consult an expert who recommends when to take creatine and what is the most appropriate type and what dose can be given.

Trick to increase muscle mass – 10 kilos of muscle in just 12 weeks

Increase muscle mass and gain 10 kilos of pure muscle in just twelve weeks is not something that anyone can do, however, if you know and have the proper techniques and put them into practice, then if you can do it. That’s where Frankie Torre offers his Impact Muscle Course.

In a world where you read and listen to everything to increase muscle mass, with so much information of any kind, it is difficult for us to have or plan an effective attack tactic to make muscles grow. There is so much information on the internet, some truths, some false, that it is quite complicated to organize and process it. In addition, not all people who know how to gain muscle quickly are willing to tell you the path followed that allowed them to succeed in this difficult task, everyone reserves their knowledge to a large extent and only shares what they think they can share.

Can I get a complete guide to increase muscle mass?
It is difficult not to say impossible to get a completely complete guide that tells you from A to Z all you have to do to increase the muscle mass of your body, much less to do it in such a short time and in a natural way. Most of the big guys you see out there have sadly got a great physique through the use of artificial substances and hormones that ultimately end up taking their toll on your body, Frankie Torres in his book, tells you how to gain solid muscle and 100 % natural, no need for banned substances or steroids in a complete ebook, without saving anything and revealing everything.

There are certain tricks that nobody shares and that are essential to put them into practice to grow muscles alarmingly and accelerated, even while resting pleasantly.


Can I increase muscle mass by lifting weights?
Increase muscle mass is not only lifting weights like crazy for 2 hours a day or more for the whole week, it is a mistake that many people commit and what they do is to bring your muscles to stagnation. In this book they reveal how to explode your muscle fibers without having to spend hours in the gym, you will not need more than 45-50 minutes a day to start seeing how your body changes alarmingly and satisfactorily. It tells you what are the exercises that you should do and that really will give you the expected muscle gain, enough that you do exercises that are not for you and that in the long run will only bring you muscle stress, spine pain and in many cases of dissatisfaction and abandonment. It tells you which are the foods that add centimeters of muscle mass to your physique, in what quantities to eat them and at what time. It will reveal what you must do to transform your body into a muscle-building machine even while you sleep. It will make you see that you do not need to spend hundreds of dollars on products to gain muscle since carrying out the food plan that he gives you will be able to earn even more than what those products give you.

That and much more in a complete, extraordinary and never before written book of bodybuilding and muscle gain. What says the title of winning 10 kilos of muscle in 12 weeks is absolutely true, even I gain 11 kilos of pure muscle in just 8 weeks. Where I go from weighing 85 kilos to 96 kilos and without spending a penny on any product or supplement, all following the plan, the strategies, the tricks and shortcuts that were given to me.

I invite you then to read more success stories, comments from satisfied people on the official page of this book; you just have to proflex muscle  to read what other people have achieved and how they have managed to increase muscle mass quickly.

How to Eliminate Stagnation

The stagnation is one of the most common problems encountered in weightlifters , when you start in the gym far as the foam, you raise different and heavier each week pesos, but suddenly reach a point where you can go no further , and in severe cases, you start to lose weight, a worrying problem from which very few manage to get out.

Most people who do not continue in the gym have as an excuse the stagnation , when we come across it means that we are on the right track, that this is the end of the routine. But what does it mean? The end of the routine nobody plans when it establishes the first.

Say goodbye to the Stagnation by giving a change to your Routine
When we make a mistake, the most common and reasonable thing we should do is start again trying something new, this is exactly what happens in the gym and many people fail to grasp this part, body and mind are already tired of always doing the same What do you think your body’s response will be?

Tiredness, the most common symptoms are boredom, which causes your body to tire and stagnate, giving you a very slow and often retrograde progression.

The change of routine can help you eliminate the stagnation quickly, many people take this issue badly, and only think about retiring from the gym , but the truth is that they are losing the best stage of evolution in their body.

Weights stanchamiento
A change of routine should be made usually every 3 months, this is the optimal time for a body does not end adapting to any routine, changing at least 80% of the exercises in a routine will serve to increase your strength exponentially. With different exercises, all the muscle fibers will respond to your body in a different way than they did before.

Exercises that should not be eliminated in stagnation
Press bench, paddles, squats and deadlifts should never be eliminated from a routine with weights, at least they should be practiced once a week, since these exercises together with others enhance the development of strength, if you can not increase your strength in These exercises, try to strengthen some muscle areas that you think need help .

This means that if you practice the bench press and you do not progress in the weight that you raise, it is a lack of your muscles (Triceps, Chest and shoulders) Progress, try to change 80% of the workouts that these exercises involve and measure the weight that you consider hard to lift, but at least let you do a series of 8-10 repetitions. With this, you will have considerable muscle development and exponential strength, in a couple of weeks you will see how you can get out of stagnation .

Tips to get out of stasis quickly
Einstein Stagnation
The change of exercise we have already mentioned, but sometimes this is not enough, you must accompany the change of exercises with a change of repetitions and even series. If you really want to grow, the best way to do it is by manipulating your snap hero testo number of sets and repetitions, making a maximum of 4 sets per exercise and a minimum of 3.

Now that you have understood the number of optimal series it is important that the number of repetitions is handled well . From 8 to 10 is more than enough, but what happens if I can not reach this number or can I do more than 10 repetitions? When we are stagnant, doing with fewer repetitions is often frequent, it is important to lower the weight a little and try to reach a maximum of 9 repetitions.

The idea is to reach the tenth repetition in the next training to raise the weight to the bar or dumbbell and do at least a maximum of 6 repetitions, in the next training, at least in the first series try to do 7 repetitions.

If you can do much better, but the progress must be constant , you must upload at least one repetition per week with different exercises, while in the compounds you must increase the weight, this is the most optimal and detailed way to get out of the final stalemate.

Diet in stagnation

It is very important and also essential to change the diet, in general, carrying bad habits lead us to stagnate, try to control them or eliminate them completely from your life, junk food is the worst thing that can exist for athletes, since it slows down your metabolism and degrades the ability to create muscle mass, leading to the fact that the body rather believes only adipose tissue.

Of course, we should not take this advice too badly, we can eat from time to time in the street, at least twice a month or an occasional outing, give your tastes that day of the month as never before, but respect a diet rich in good nutrients. quality the rest of the month, that’s how the progress is really constant.

Get away from stress and rest the time that is due
Muscle stagnation
Stress can also cause you to pond, get away from the routine that is bothering you, work habits that annoy you and those negative people who only bring you bad times, enjoy the moment, life is one , you can not get frustrated by the people around, build a body with your own enthusiasm and stay away from the bad things.

Surprising, 10 minutes of exercise that can improve your life

Doing exercises really should be considered one more medication and should be prescribed correctly in proper doses for people who need to burn body fat for health. Using exercise as a medication can substitute some of the most common chemicals used to treat diabetes, heart disease and depression.

All these diseases are improved with exercise and with the help of a doctor with experience in natural health. Exercise is key to controlling your blood sugar and normalizing your insulin levels. And all that is needed is 10 minutes of daily exercise or at least 3-4 times a week.

The science of exercise constantly discovers new information and details about how exercise creates health benefits and most importantly, how we can do exercises in a more effective and effective way to maximize results, especially in overweight people who need to burn body fat .

Benefits of doing 10 minutes of daily exercise

3 12 minutes of madness
It is important that you know this, for your health and quality of life, because according to studies, only 10 minutes of intense exercise produces changes in our metabolism that last at least another hour . And when the person is in form the benefits are greater, that is to say, if you are constant and regular you will have more benefits.

The researchers measured the biochemical changes in the blood of several people. Metabolic changes that start after 10 minutes of cardio can still be measured after 60 minutes, when the person has normalized their heart rate.

A metabolic change means greater breakdown of fat to become energy , and according to the study, people who are in better physical condition burn 10 times more fat than people who are still progressing on their physical level.

But there are exercises that are more appropriate than others to create biochemical changes in order to burn more body fat, so it is important to know these exercises that can make a big difference in our health.

Exercising is not just a prescription for obese people with excess fat, also for a thin person who appears not to have excess fat, because only the exercises practiced regularly create feedback loops that optimize and help maintain a healthy glucose and levels of insulin.

Balancing insulin levels is the most important factor for the optimization and prevention of health in general. Diseases of all kinds, from diabetes, heart disease, to cancer and all the rest.

And all with just do 10 minutes of intense exercise, as shown in the following video. It’s 3 z vital male enhancement minutes of warm-up, then 7 minutes of intense exercise. Keep in mind that this routine is scientifically proven and if you apply it correctly you will begin to see the benefits.

1.- Warm up for three minutes

2.- Exercise as fast as you can for 30 seconds. It should feel like I can not go another second

3.- Recover for 90 seconds

4.- Repeat these high intensity and recovery exercises up to 7 times more

Be aware of your current physical condition and do not overdo it . If you are not in good physical condition, start with 2-3 repetitions and gradually increase. If your physical condition is very poor start with walks that accelerate your heart rate moderately and progress little by little.

Recommendations to maximize the release of growth hormone:

4 The hiit training
– Sleep well at night
– Avoid high-fat meals before exercise
– Drink plenty of water
– Eat healthy carbohydrates (such as vegetables) and high-quality protein
– Optimize your vitamin D levels (fish, cereals, supplements)
– Avoid sugar, especially fructose

Health benefits by training 10 minutes intensively at intervals:

– Significant improvement of insulin sensitivity
– Optimization of the cholesterol ratio, with proper nutrition
– Boosts fat metabolism and better percentage of body fat
– Virtually eliminates type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure
– Naturally increases levels of human growth hormone
– Increases your aerobic capacity
– Dramatically improves muscle tone
– Firms the skin and reduces wrinkles
– Improves energy and sexual desire
– Improves speed and physical performance
– Allows you to achieve your goals much more physically Quick

Primobolan Depot: Benefits, effects and use

The primobolan is one of the most named steroids at the time of definition, also known as methenolone enanthate usually has a weaker effect than Deca Durabolin. Whatever the goal of a person, Primobolan is very good if used in combination with almost any other steroid.

This anabolic is very famous in women, most of which enter into competition use this drug, is usually very toxic in Androgens but does not aromatize and is also not toxic to the liver. This remains the body for 4 or 5 weeks after having used it, so caution should be taken before the doping tests.

Benefits of Primobolan Depot
Fat loss and muscle retention
Quality muscle gains without fluid retention
Few side effects, women use this drug for it.
Low androgen
Perfect for cutting or scratching cycles
Primobolan helps preserve the dough after finishing the cycle.
It should be noted that high blood pressure values ​​are not a problem, much less gynecomastia or fluid retention when using this steroid, the best thing is that maintaining a dose of 100 to 200 mg per week is not interferes with endogenous testosterone values.

Side effects
Excitation and imsonio
When the doses of Primobolan are higher than those recommended, endogenous testosterone can be affected, just as other steroids do. That is why it is important to perform a sizevital male enhancement post-cycle to avoid problems related to the hormonal axis. However, when this is combined with any steroid you should always keep in mind to perform the corresponding post-Cycle, regardless of the doses.

The anabolic effects are much lower than those produced by Decadurabolin, without water retention and side effects of course. The duration of activity of this steroid is approximately 2 weeks, so the effects will be seen in the long term. Other effects such as acne, change of voice and hair growth or beauty may also occur.

Mode of use
As has already been said, the doses can vary from 100-200 mg per week, although it has been seen that at these doses Clenbuterol usually generates better gains, of course, we are talking about using Primobolan alone without any steroid. The catabolic effect that the steroid would produce would cause the muscular mass gained to be lost, even more so with the hormonal stress that still occurs in low doses, aggravating the situation of loss of muscle mass if it is a new user.

Perfect combinations:
Primobolan + Sustanon and dianabol (Strong and immediate anabolic effect, as well as side effects)
Primobolan Deca Durabolin 200-400 mg per week for volume cycle, strong but long-term anabolic effect with low side effects
Primobolan + Winstrol to define 200-400 mg per week, the best combination to define.
If you have any questions about Primobolan do not think about leaving your comments at the end of the video, we will be happy to help. You can also follow our Instagram page or contact me personally in my profile for Diets and trainings.

The fucus: ideal to eliminate cellulite?

A brown alga with a strong iodine odor, fucus has been used since antiquity for its many medicinal properties . But this superfood, found in many seas around the globe, would also be very useful to reduce some forms of cellulite . The point on its slimming virtues.

Fucus, effective against fat cellulite
If you are a little overweight, your orange peel is probably linked to excess fat . It is said that it is adipose type.

Excellent appetite suppressant, brown alga has the particularity of amplifying the feeling of satiety . So if you have trouble reducing your caloric intake to reach your weight loss goals, go for it: your unsightly buds will melt with your pounds!

On the other hand, if you dx lean diet forskolin are rather thin , your orange peel surely comes from an excess of water. In this case, the seaweed will unfortunately nothing for you … Turn instead to a draining plant, such as dandelion or burdock.

How to enjoy the virtues of the fucus?
Brown seaweed is marketed in many forms: powder for dilution, extract, capsules, tablets, mother tincture, fresh or dried seaweed …

To take advantage of its virtues on your fat deposits , capsules are part of the most practical options. Observe the manufacturer’s instructions: if it is consumed at too high a dose, the algae can cause thyroid dysfunction, acne or gastric irritation. A three-week course is usually recommended , one to two capsules a day, to be taken before the meal.

Note finally the brown alga has contraindications: too rich in iodine for some profiles , it is also likely, like all algae, to contain heavy metals. Pregnant and breastfeeding women , as well as people on antithyroid or anticoagulant therapy, should avoid using it .

Other uses of brown algae
The brown seaweed does not just smooth your orange skin and help you lose weight . Laxative, it also promotes intestinal transit, while reducing gastric burns. Remineralizing, it also reduces deficiencies , while its high iodine content nourishes the thyroid gland.

Anti-inflammatory, brown algae is also effective in relieving painful joints and alleviating skin diseases, such as psoriasis. Stimulating, she also fights against fatigue and asthenia .

Full of virtues, brown seaweed can be a good solution to eliminate orange peel in those who need to lose weight. Good cure!

The Brazilian massage against cellulite

Brazil is distinguished not only by its bright colors , beautiful coastline and music. It is a nation that has developed several cultures that, over time, have managed to seduce many other peoples. The Brazilian massage is part of the practices of the population. And today, the whole world benefits from its benefits .

The virtues of the Brazilian massage against cellulite
By using the right products and giving the necessary strength to eliminate cellulite , it is a very effective Overnight Lean Keto massage to find a silhouette with 0 g of fat. While the results are observed in the long term, but there is no such beneficial technique to lose weight, and without too much difficulty .

Other health benefits
The most beneficial with a massage against cellulite is that the principle of massage itself is respected. It aims to relax the muscles to soothe the whole body. If you are not a fan of intense sports activities that tire and cramp all the muscles, Brazilian massage is a method that you will greatly appreciate.

This message also has mental and psychological virtues that have the advantage of reducing stress by improving blood flow.

Other tips to increase the effectiveness of massage
If you want your massage to be more effective, it will play with other cards. Before performing your massage, clean the area to be massaged gently. The use of alcohol and slimming cream is to be prescribed . If you perform your massage yourself at home, you will need to perform alternating movements of friction, kneading and tapping while integrating the cream as the skin dries out.

How to make a massage against cellulite?
The Brazilian massage is practiced thanks to a pressure made by the palm of the hand and the forearms , to the rhythm of a relaxing music. The whole body enjoys the benefits of this massage that stimulates each muscle and dislodge every gram of fat.

This massage requires technique and special skills. We strongly advise you to call on professionals for its realization. In addition, the slimming massage does not offer immediate results, it will take several sessions to effectively remove cellulite from the body.

Using massage as a way to Overnight Lean Keto REVIEWS fight cellulite, it seems hard to believe when you are convinced that there is only sport or deprivation that burns fat deposits. However, this technique works in the same way as a physical activity that tones the muscles , but in a more comfortable and relaxing way.

What diet for a weight training program at 16?

Adolescence is a critical period during which the body undergoes significant physical and mental changes . Turning to bodybuilding gives you a certain self-confidence and a harmonious silhouette, if the exercises are done correctly and with the help of a professional.

But if the physical culture makes it possible to reach a muscular mass visible from the first months, the food also plays its role.

Diet program to melt fat and increase weight
1- Feed every 3 hours

This is the basic rule and it starts overnight lean keto with a good breakfast that activates the anabolism . Before and after training, the body needs energy or recovering by taking nutrients from healthy foods .

2- The choice of foods during the diet

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is crucial. Food should consist of protein , but also carbohydrate to both maintain muscle mass and maintain a good level of energy.

Just dig into this type of food: meat, eggs, fish, cereals, rice, pulses, dairy products, fruits, vegetables. Fast food , pizzas, spreads saturated with saturated fats are to be avoided to the maximum , if only to have an optimal growth.

Take supplements at age 16 to optimize weight gain?
Supplements help to provide the body with nutrients . Because it is not always easy to eat properly in high school, they can be a help in addition to a varied food rich in vitamins. It is clear that certain training rules must be adopted in addition to achieving its objectives.

If bodybuilding strengthens muscles and self-confidence, only the mind and perseverance will make all the difference.

The diet of a young teen beginner in physical culture is little more different than another . Just eat a little more, a little better before seeing the first benefits on both the body and the mind.

The role of good food for a carved body at 16
The diet of a teenager will not be at all the same as an adult , even beginner in physical culture . The power impact to over 50% faster decision muscle .

Also, the food must be healthy enough, natural, varied and hearty to cover all the needs of the growing young . There is no question of eating anything, no matter how.

To gain muscle mass , it is necessary to increase calories (kcal) to grow, but without taking fat.

A food program adapted to a 16 year old teenager
Between eating a little or eating too much, that’s the risk of a teenager looking for sharp, drawn muscles. It is not by being lean or fat that the body is carved. The diet must be structured, without ever skipping meals , at the risk of seeing the efforts on the machines reduced to nothing, whatever the duration of the exercises.

Bench press narrow grip. We study all the subtleties and secrets.

Bench press narrow grip. What, why and why?
Each roll and fiton has his favorite exercises in the hall, the first has a bench press and the second has press-pressing, like squats and twists in a Roman chair. Bench press lying narrow grip can also be safely attributed to one of the most common and most effective exercises for the development of arm muscles (triceps) with free weight. Often, however, the technique of performing a narrow bench press for most, especially beginners, athletes suffers, most often this happens for the following reasons:

poorly tuned brain-muscle connection, which leads to swinging and dangling of the rod during lifting / lowering;
wrong hand position and too tight grip;
the projectile weight is inadequate to the level of fitness and, as a result, the movement is carried out by connecting “third-party muscles”.
In this article we will try to reveal all the technical nuances of the bench with a narrow grip in order to fulfill it perfectly true. Actually, started.


For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Muscle atlas

The essence of doing any exercises – the inclusion in the work precisely target (-s) of muscle groups and the exclusion of the work of all the “non-core”. In other words, if the exercise is isolating, then the entire load should fall solely on one muscle, the more you connect the “ballast”, the lower the efficiency will be, and the lousy the muscle will grow.

Therefore, it is extremely important to understand which muscles are involved in movement, i.e. at the expense of what muscular units it is carried out. As for the bench with a narrow grip, his muscular atlas is as follows.

Bench press narrow grip. muscles

A narrow bench press is a multi-joint exercise for the triceps, which is designed to work all at once on all three heads (lateral, medial, long) of the triceps muscle. The weight of the projectile should be squeezed by the muscles of the hands – the cumulative effort of all three triceps heads.


Performing a press with a narrow grip gives a number of undeniable advantages, in particular:

is one of the best complex exercises for building up the muscle mass of triceps;
narrow grip is universal and can be used to achieve three goals – the development of maximum strength ( 1-5 repetitions, large weights) ; maximum weight ( 8-12 reps, full range) ; combination of mass and strength (moderate / high intensity, 5-8 repetitions) ;
allows you to increase the results RDX Surge in the classical press by increasing the “strength” of triceps, anterior deltas and chest muscles;
This is an easy-to-use exercise that allows you to quickly prepare a projectile.
Now, let’s look at …

Technique of performance of a press of a bar narrow grip

The correct technique of performance is important in any exercise, a narrow bench is no exception, step by step it represents.

Step # 0

Equip a barbell and lay down on a horizontal bench. Place your hands already shoulder width, tear the projectile from the rack and, holding it at the top, bring it to the middle of the chest. This is the starting position.

Step # 1

While inhaling, slowly lower the barbell to the middle of the chest, lightly touching it. Make sure that throughout your entire trajectory your elbows walk along your body (are close to the body) .

Step 2

After a second pause due to the strength of the triceps (on the exhale), squeeze the weight up, returning the projectile to the PI. Repeat the specified number of times.

In the picture version this disgrace is as follows.

Press lying narrow grip, execution technique
In motion so …


Many athletes use a very narrow grip, assuming that the triceps are loaded better this way – this is not so. A close grip does not actually involve more tricep musculature; on the contrary, it has a negative effect – it creates an excessive load on the wrists and elbow joints.

Practical advice

To squeeze the maximum out of the exercise, note the following tips:

the normal width of the grip is considered when the hands are at a distance of 20-25 cm from each other, although everything is individual;
do not extend your arms fully at the top;
the lowering phase should take twice the time of the lifting phase;
watch the position of the neck throughout the entire trajectory, it should not walk and drift;
elbows should move along the body;
do not allow inertia and beating the barbell from the chest;
use the insurance partner when working with large weights;
Try the option of a narrow bench press when the legs are on the bench and the spine is pressed tightly against a horizontal surface;
Before working with weight, fix the technique using an empty neck.
Follow these tips, and then your triceps will always swell :).

Press lying narrow grip: variations

There are variations of this exercise, which also have a place to be in the training program. In particular, do not dwell on the classics, try such variations of a narrow bench press:

Smith’s simulator;
bench press EZ-bar.
Press lying narrow grip, variations
By the way, press narrow in Smith is a more suitable variation for beginners because there are no parasitic movements to stabilize the projectile, because the neck moves along a predetermined trajectory. In the early stages, it is with this that the new visitors of the gym have problems. The narrow-grip bench press of the EZ-bar is more anatomically correct, and the kinematics / mechanics of movement are more familiar to the triceps muscles. In addition, this option allows you to use large, in comparison with the classic, weight.

Squats. An inside look

Ladies and gentlemen, our respect! This Friday we will continue our “strength, F” acquaintance with the squatting with a barbell and talk about them from the point of view of the planes, find out what “butt wink” is and why it does not allow some of you to squat. And in the conclusion we will examine some research data regarding the squat and its variations.

Squats. Inside look, 2 logos
So, the tasks are set, let’s solve them.

Squats. Debriefing”
As you remember, this is the second part of a squat note. In the first one, we talked about the moments and forces that arose, as well as in detail and thoroughly revealed important anatomical aspects. Therefore, before diving into the second part, dip into the first. We go further, and without prejudice, we will immediately deal with the disclosure of the main issues and begin with …

For a better understanding of the material, all further narrative will be divided into sub-chapters.

Squats. Anatomical plane
Did you know that there are three main types of motion planes? They are called frontal, sagittal and horizontal (transverse / axial) .

The frontal plane cuts something half up and down and side to side, and abduction and adduction occur there. Sagittal cuts something in half from top to bottom and from front to back, and flexion and extension movements occur in it. Horizontal – an imaginary plane that divides the body into upper and lower parts, it is perpendicular to the frontal and sagittal planes.

anatomical planes
Each of the planes is responsible for their actions. Abduction, adduction and rotation is determined by the frontal and transverse planes relative to the torso. On the other hand, flexion and extension are defined relative to the bones and joints, where they originate.

In squats, the movements of the flexions and extensions of the hips / knees, defined by the sagittal plane relative to the femur, are the main ones. Imagine a plane that cuts your femur in half from front to back and from top to bottom. If your knees are pointing straight forward, then the sagittal plane relative to the femur can be parallel to the sagittal plane relative to your torso, therefore a preliminary assessment of flexion / extension of your knees and hips is an important condition / requirement for successful squatting.

If your hips are pointing to the side and turned outwards, the sagittal plane relative to your femur will cross the sagittal plane relative to your torso. This means that you incorrectly assess the requirements for the extension of the knee and hip joints. Therefore, in squats you need to evaluate these requirements in three, not two dimensions.

squatting with a barbell in the sagittal plane

Barbell squats: major issues
There are 4 of them , and you need to overcome:

the moment of spinal flexion;
hip flexion moment;
moment of knee flexion;
moment of flexion of the ankle of the ankle.
squats, axes and human moments
Let us find out what each of them depends on and how it can be overcome. And let’s start with …

№1. The moment of spinal flexion

It depends on 2 factors: 1) horizontal distance in the sagittal plane (relative to the torso) between the rod and any intervertebral joint, 2) the load / weight of the rod.

Other things being equal, there are three things that increase the moment of spinal flexion:

moving the barbell / neck higher on the back or on the front of the body (front squats) ;
weight increase;
torso further forward.
№2. Moment ankle ankle joint

It depends on 2 factors: 1) horizontal magnum pump xr distance in the sagittal plane (relative to the tibia) between the pressure at the center of the foot and the middle of the ankle joint, 2) the total load (bar weight and body weight) .

With other things being equal, there are two things that increase the ankle flexing moment of the ankle joint:

weight increase;
further shift of the center of pressure forward along the leg.
Number 3. Thigh flexion moment

It depends on 2 factors: 1) horizontal distance in the sagittal plane (relative to the femur) between the center of mass of the system (barbell + human body weight above the thigh) and the thigh, 2) total load higher than the thigh (barbell weight and body weight) .

Other things being equal, there are three things that increase the moment of hip flexion:

the center of mass of the system moves forward or the hips move backward;
weight increase;
squat depth
№4. Knee flexion

Depends on 2 factors: 1) horizontal distance in the sagittal plane (relative to the femur) between the center of mass of the system (barbell + human body weight above the knee) and the knee, 2) total load over the knee (barbell weight and body weight) .

Other things being equal, there are three things that increase the moment of knee flexion:

the center of mass of the system moves further backwards or the knees move further forward;
weight increase;
squat depth

Requirements for the ankle and spine can be considered independently of each other. While the demands of the knees and hips are inextricably linked. Moment of bending of the knee = load x horizontal distance between the center of mass and the knee. Thigh flexion moment = weight x horizontal distance between the center of mass and the thigh. Thus, as the center of mass shifts forward, the moment of flexion of the knee decreases, and the moment of flexion of the hip increases, and vice versa. From this follows the anatomical expression: horizontal distance between the center of mass and the knee + horizontal distance between the center of mass and the hips = length of the front of the thigh in the sagittal plane. You can find the length of the front of the femur in the sagittal plane by taking the cosine of the angle that the femur forms with the ground.