5 yoga exercises to lose weight

Yoga is an activity close to soft gymnastics that turns out to be both a sport , a gym and a religion. It’s actually a state of mind that creates a healthy mind in a healthy body.

Born in India 5000 years ago, yoga can make mincircar there are many postures that lose weight and lose stomach, the most difficult area to eliminate fat.

Here are 5 yoga exercises, to practice at home or in the office and whether you are beginner or not, to make you reach the thinness you want …

1. The laying of the cobra
It is an exercise that strengthens slimquick keto the abdominal muscles and reduces abdominal fat, while strengthening the back muscles, stomach and body in general. It also relaxes the spine.

To do this, you should lie on your stomach with your legs straight , placing your palms on the floor just below the shoulders, and making sure your toes and chin touch the floor.

Then inhale and gently lift your chest up as much as possible back to the vertical . When you look like a cobra, then hold the position 15 to 30 seconds and on exhalation, rest your body on the ground in the starting position.

Repeat the operation at least 5 times with 15 seconds of relaxation between each repetition.

Be careful not to do this pose if you have hernia or back injuries, and if you are pregnant.

2. The posture of the bow
This posture also strengthens the abdominal strap and provides a complete massage to the abdomen . It has the particularity of activating the digestive system, fighting constipation and proving a good stretch for the back muscles.

To do this, lie on your stomach with your legs extended and your arms placed on each side of your body .

Then bend your knees and grab your ankles with your hands. As you inhale, raise and bend your head back, lifting your legs up as much as you can.

Keep the position for 15 to 30 seconds and breathe normally.

As you exhale, bring your body gently back into the reclining position. Repeat this exercise 5 times by relaxing 15 seconds after each repetition.

3. The posture of the boat
This is one of the best postures of yoga that gives a flat stomach and also has benefits for the stomach, while strengthening the tummy and back muscles.

To practice it well, you will lie on your back with your arms around your body and each leg extended .

As you inhale, raise each leg as high as you can, being careful not to bend your knees. Then lift both brachial limbs holding them straight and try to reach your toes.

Try to make a 45 degree angle, while breathing normally and keep laying for at least 15 seconds. Then exhale slowly and release.

Repeat this exercise at least 5 times with a 15-second pause between each repetition. Know that for ease, you can start sitting and then lean the body slightly backwards. Then lift one knee and then the other.

4. The board
Well known gyms, the board is the exercise that proves to be the best to lose weight and lose belly . In addition, it strengthens and tones the brachial muscles, dorsal, gluteus, shoulder and thigh muscles .

To do this, lie with your arms extended and your palms on the floor (with your fingers apart). Your body must then form a perfect straight line between the head and the heels.

Keep the position for 15 to 30 seconds and more if you can, then exhale by releasing the pose and resting your knees on the ground. Caution avoid this posture if you have back problems, shoulder injuries or high blood pressure. high. Otherwise repeat the operation at least 3 times with breaks of 15 seconds between each exercise.

5. The wind liberation posture
This exercise results in a colon massage, relieves lumbar pain and regulates constipation, as well as acid levels in the stomach . It also tones the muscles of the hips and abdomen.

To do this, you have to lie down against the floor and the brachial members on each side of your body. Heels must touch each other.

Then bend your knees and during inspiration, bring them gradually to the chest pressing your stomach with your thighs. Keep your knees in place by shaking hands under your thighs and when exhaling, raise your head so that your chin touches your knees.

Keep the position for 60 to 90 seconds while breathing deeply. Then exhale gently and relax your knees by putting your hands on each side of the body, palms to the ground.

Repeat the exercise at least 5 times with 15-second breaks between each.

In conclusion, among many exercises to lose weight, yoga is one of the most effective but to eliminate the badly housed fat , it is necessary above all to emphasize the nutrition which represents 70% of the result.

Remember that as with any physical activity or weight training , it is necessary to practice yoga before warming up , ideally to wake up and do your exercises afterwards, knowing that you must practice them at least 3 times per week.

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