How to lose 15 pounds with Weight Watchers?

Known around the world for its effectiveness, Weight Watchers allows us to lose weight through a point system and a dynamic community to stay motivated. Losing 15 kilos is an achievable goal in about 5 months.

A diet based on pleasure
No question of starving, no forbidden foods, the goal is to lose weight sustainably and healthily without depriving oneself. All foods are allowed and we choose our own menus.

And for that, no need to count our calories, just have to trust the ProPoints , or SmartPoints, awarded by the k2 slim keto company’s nutritionists to each dish. According to our goal, we are allocated a certain “SmartPoints budget” every day, so we can manage it as we wish by choosing the right foods.

Of course, it will always be advisable to focus on foods low in sugars and fats.

Move more to lose weight naturally
Nutritionists have developed a specific program to associate sport with diet. Each day’s physical activity will be rewarded with Activ Points . How to move more when you’re not used to putting on your sneakers?

The company encourages every little effort, starting with walking to work, shopping in town rather than online, going for walks on Sundays …

See his account of Activ Points climb to make you want to move more and get into the sport. It will then be necessary to refuel with proteins to hold longer and help the muscles to take precedence over the fat mass.

Losing naturally and without gaining weight
Men and women are mostly happy with the Weight Watchers program because it prohibits fasting and allows you to lose weight naturally. Everyone goes back on a good food base to see their health improve quickly. With a strong community, it’s easy to keep a good motivation.

Helping each other during times when you feel like giving up, having common goals, going on sports outings together are all good ways to get back to a healthy lifestyle . Finally, the mobile application developed by the company allows you to manage your points in real time so you do not forget anything and carry out accurate monitoring of your days, both from a food and physical point of view.

A 6-month subscription should allow you to lose 15 kilos without problems, but you can of course commit yourself longer for better monitoring during the stabilization phase.

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