Cold water to fight against orange peel?

When it comes to bodybuilding and being a beginner, each new exercise must be approached with patience and caution. The goal is to develop the body’s abilities in stages to avoid any risk of injury, intense body aches and overtraining. If you want to work your biceps, here are some tips to apply without delay!

Set specific goals
Every athlete, whatever his discipline, needs goals to reach. This for several reasons: motivation, progress monitoring, complete training … Working your musculature in the arms will require several things: strength, endurance and mass. You will have to develop these three principles during your training.

These will also have to take into account that your muscles are composed of various fibers that all have special needs. This criterion must be taken into account when planning your exercises.

Learn to listen to your body!
Here again, it is a well-known principle (although not always respected!) Of the regular sportsmen. Your body communicates with you, learn to read these signs that will reveal many things to you. Some days, you will be in better shape and able to harden your training a little to push your body to work more than usual.

Other times, your whole body will require a recovery time (fatigue, body aches, pain …) In these cases, it is essential to take into account!

Work gradually and surprise the muscles of your arms
You are a beginner, so you can not attack an intensive program right away. You will have to advance step by step. By cons, think imperatively to vary your exercises because the body has an impressive ability to adapt.

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Does the Café Form Diet Lose Weight?

The slimming programs are so numerous. Some are effective, others are less effective. But what about the famous Café Form diet?

This diet is not a coincidence since it relies mainly on the consumption of a clinically developed bio slimming stick.

Can we lose weight by following the diet? The answer is yes. Explications!

Lose weight with the Café Form diet, how does it work?
Coffee Form slimming sticks are made from ingredients with powerful slimming properties. For the composition, an organic stick contains 300 mg of green coffee (unroasted and decaffeinated) which is a lipid metabolism fat-reducing product, 20 mg of chicory which is known for its laxative and diuretic properties, and 1.2 grams of acacia fiber to improve digestion and limit cravings.

In a nutshell, the manufacturing formula of these products both purifies the body, eliminates fat and regulates appetite. That’s why the Café Form slimming program is also effective in losing weight. Even doctors recommend it to fight overweight and prevent obesity.

The slimming benefits of the Café Form diet
The program promises to lose up to 7 pounds in just two weeks. To get there, just take a stick a day, in the morning at breakfast.

In-vivo clinical studies have found that people who have followed the diet have lost an average of 5.7% of their initial weight after only 60 days of dieting.

In addition, consumer opinions are positive in the vast majority of cases. If you want to get started, you have to go with a healthy and balanced diet for more efficiency.

Do a little sport is also recommended to boost the slimming effects of the sticks.

Where to buy coffee form sticks?
You can get it without a prescription in pharmacies. Since this is a totally natural and organic product, you can buy it for several months of program.

If you like coffee, the diet allows you to lose weight while drinking one of your favorite drinks. Are there any disadvantages? No, sticks are perfect slimming products that are suitable for everyone, men and women.

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Lemon juice against stretch marks?

Everyone knows that lemon is a citrus fruit that has multiple virtues of beauty and health . Among its innumerable benefits, there is its ability to overcome stretch marks, whitish streaks that cause so many complex summer. It is a natural remedy against this type of skin problem and moreover, it is very easy to use.

Lemon juice against stretch marks

The benefits of lemon against stretch marks
You wonder how lemon can eliminate these brands that seem yet tough or indelible ? The high content of vitamin C and citric acid alpha-hydroxy (AHA) of this natural ingredient gives it whitening properties of the skin. These components also make it possible to discolour stretch marks and very quickly to reduce spots that look more like scars.

But that’s not all, the lemon is also very powerful exfoliant. By applying the juice to the affected area, the skin becomes lighter, softer, smoother and the stretch marks gradually fade.

How to use lemon to eliminate stretch marks?
First of all, it should be noted that stretch marks often appear following a rapid tightening of the skin. The real cause may be losing weight too fast , or contrary, a sudden weight gain. Pregnancy is also a very common cause of this skin problem. And precisely, the advantage of lemon is that everyone can use it, even pregnant and lactating women. It poses no risk of side effects for either the mother or the baby.

Want to know the recipe? Just take 1 juicy fresh lemon and lukewarm water . Cut the citrus fruit in half and rub gently on the parts where there are stretch marks. Do this for at least 10 minutes so that the anti-stretch marks effects of the fruit act quickly. When you feel that the juice is well saturated, rinse with warm water. You can also do it just before the shower for more convenience. Two applications a day are recommended when you start treatment. Once you notice that there is a clear improvement, you will be able to switch to a single daily application.

Warning ! You should not apply lemon juice before exposure to the sun , it is a photosensitizer capable of causing you an ugly sunburn.

Other anti-stretch mark tips with lemon juice
Lemon can be mixed with other natural products to effectively fight stretch marks. The process remains the same, but you can add either tomato juice, cucumber juice, or potato juice . Another tip: gently massage the skin with sweet almond oil after applying the lemon juice remedy.

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Does overweight promote heavy legs?

Does overweight promote heavy legs?

Very uncomfortable, heavy legs affect many people . They are particularly common among women, since they are 30% to suffer.

The slimming shop 
But what are their main causes ? Is overweight one of the culprits? Well yes … If your BMI is a bit or very high, you are more likely than others to suffer from legs.

Why is overweight heavy on the legs?
If the overweight is heavy legs , it is primarily because the excess body weight exerts pressure on the lower limbs. As a result, circulation in the blood vessels slows down … Varicose veins may even appear.

Another link between overweight and venous stasis is the lack of physical exercise. When you have difficulty walking , physical pain or difficulty breathing , you are less inclined to move …

“I’m concerned, but what to do to find lighter legs? “

Heavy legs, how to activate the blood circulation?
To relieve swollen legs , consider integrating these easy gestures into your daily life:

Try to start moving again. Depending on your shape, a small daily walk will make an excellent start . No need to produce intense efforts, the main thing is to activate regularly.
If you need to rest, avoid standing still : this stagnates blood in the legs and promotes edema . Prefer the lying position , placing your legs in height, to facilitate the return of blood.
In the shower, do not hesitate to use cold water on your legs , going up ankles to the top of the thighs. Guaranteed relief!
Do you feel significant pain? Take the case seriously, and have compression stockings prescribed.
To relieve your legs, lose your excess weight!
If your excess pounds are too many, losing them is still the best way to improve the condition of your legs. Avoid extreme diets, which end up aggravating weight gain (the terrible yo-yo effect …) . Favor a good rebalancing of food, respecting simple principles:

Eat slowly. More effective than counting calories , slowing down the pace of your bites will allow you to eat less without feeling hungry, as you will leave the feeling of satiety time to settle down. And besides, you will digest better: goodbye troublesome bloating ! So try to make your meal last for twenty minutes.
Remove the added sugar . It’s hard ? To help you wean, buy some xylitol or stevia.
Do not deprive yourself of nourishing foods: consistent, fat and protein will help you to better withstand cravings!
Drink a lot. A good hydration allows your whole body to work better (and a good cup of tea, of course unsweetened, it gives you a face in front of a tantalizing treat!).
Discouraged? Jump finally, and contact a nutritionist: this step can make a big difference for you.
Overweight does not only cause high blood pressure . It is also part of the factors causing heavy legs.

Coupled with a good slimming diet, some gestures happily help relieve discomfort effectively.

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Is konjac rice allowed in a diet?

Konjac rice (or gohan pearls), from an Asian plant, is as tasty to eat as it is ideal for weight loss. Low in calories, gluten-free and high in appetite suppressant, it is the ideal ally for a slimming diet.

The slimming benefits of konjac rice
Konjac rice is high in fiber, low in calories (15 kcal / 100g) and has a high capacity for satiety. This means that not only does it help to reduce hunger, but it also tends to last for several hours. This is due to the high content of glucomannans, dietary fiber with strong gelling properties.

Another strength of Konjac, which makes it an exceptional ally diet is that it captures fat and swells in the stomach, while keeping the glycemic index of the meal low. No more licks, and hello the reduction of daily calories and fight against excess fat!

Finally, it allows to offer an alternative to starchy foods as part of a diet: it is a real asset to keep its commitments on the length and reach its goals without pain. This also explains why konjac tends to reap unanimous opinions in his favor.

Consumption of konjac rice
Konjac rice can be used as a base for homemade sushi and maki, from gourmet chocolate pudding, to cold salad with tuna or chicken breast, to Asian rice cake. It can also be declined in Japanese pot-au-feu, in dish inspired by Italian pasta …

Konjac rice is as versatile as it is gourmand!
It is easily in dry format in organic store or Asian grocery store, and sometimes even in local supermarkets. After an abundant rinsing, konjac can be cooked for about 1 minute in boiling water.

For those who follow a Dukan diet, know that there are recipes for konjac shirataki according to the Dukan method.

Other benefits of konjac rice
Konjac rice has several advantages in its favor:

It comes in many recipes salty and sweet, hot and cold
It has detoxifying virtues
It facilitates digestion
In case of konjac cure or diet rich in the preparations that use it, it is important to take some precautions to avoid diarrhea, flatulence or to have the belly too full.

Hot or cold, at home or in the restaurant, konjac is one of those exceptional slimming foods that can vary the pleasures and flavors on the plate, even when you want to lose weight.

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The pear smoothie: detox benefits?

Creamy, tasty, a smoothie with pear is a delicious detox drink. Ideal to start the day during a slimming diet, this snack will allow you to fill up with vitamins in the process.

The detox powers of a smoothie with pear
With such a homemade drink you will be able to fill your quota of minerals as well as vitamins. This natural drink to be made thermomix allows you to have fun while consuming a healthy and natural product.

Filled with folic acid, potassium, vitamins, fiber and iron, the pear is an ideal fruit for a balanced diet. Rich elite max keto pills in phosphorus, water, trace elements, this detox drink offers the advantage of taking care of your health, your body, while bringing you all the nutrients you need.

Allowing the digestive system to rest, this smoothie can be enjoyed as a light and balanced meal supplement.

An original slimming recipe: pear and kiwi smoothie
Perfect for fruit lovers, this smooth and easy-to-prepare smoothie can be eaten three times a day.

2 pears
1 lemon
3 kiwis
25 ml of milk
After peeling and peeling your fruit, you can put it in the thermomix and mix it all for the first time. Then add the milk and lemon juice and mix again. You can serve in a large glass this delicious vitamin preparation.

What are the good times to enjoy a slimming smoothie with pear?
You can opt for this snack from breakfast to supplement your nutritional intake of vitamins A, B, C and E. Not to crack in the middle of the morning on a harmful food enriched in carbohydrates, the best solution is to prepare thermomix a smoothie with pear, fresh and dietary. To be consumed also in the middle of the afternoon, the fruity smoothie should not mix with dates, which are very caloric fruits.

To vary the pleasures, you can decorate this recipe with a zest of orange or spinach. Purifying your body, this refreshing drink boosts its vitality. To be consumed as soon as it is finished, this pear-based smoothie will release toxins from your body.

How to build your buttocks in 3 months?

Muscle buttocks without enrolling in the gym, it is possible. Without machine or device, just a few simple exercises to carve buttocks bouncy.

Even if you are a perfect beginner, the results will be on the program if the weight training exercises are done with consistency. By making daily efforts, you will be able to turn your fat into muscle in just 3 months. How? Here are some movement ideas to make at home.

Squats to effectively strengthen his glutes
The exercise of squats is well known and simple to do at home. Stand with feet shoulder width apart, hands on hips. Lower your buttocks, as if you were going to sit and go up. Perform 5 sets of 20.

Small jumps to tone her buttocks
For about 30 seconds, perform vertical jumps (thrust up) without bending your knees. Stretch your legs when extending. What to find a firm buttocks.

Round buttocks with the exercise of fire hydrant and donkey kicks
Continue your slimming program with the exercise called fire hydrant (or dog that pee). The gluteus medius is solicited here. Stand on all fours and raise the knee bent 90 degrees to the side, until it is horizontal.

5 sets of 10 movements on each side. Stay on all fours and this time, lift your left leg and then your right prime slim forskolin leg back, while keeping the knee bent at 90 °. The thigh should be horizontal so that the gluteal muscles work.

Gain her back to firm her buttocks and thighs
The cladding helps to tone the whole body. Stand on your back, legs bent, feet flat on the floor. Place your arms along your body and lift your hips. Hold the position without arching while squeezing the glutes and abs. Go back down. You can perform these movements slowly or more quickly.

Perform 5 sets of 10.

Heat her thighs and buttocks to burn calories
A final exercise is to lie on your side, legs outstretched. Lift the leg up from the one that is against the ground and spread as far as possible. Make 5 sets of 10 of each leg.

Refine your figure and firm up your buttocks is not effortless. But of course, you can easily reach your goal with a little bit of willpower and thus achieving this slimming program every day. In 3 months, you will find plump buttocks. You can complete these exercises with brisk walking and / or skipping rope sessions.

Plantar reflexology to fight against water retention?

Yes, plantar reflexology, which stimulates certain specific areas of the leg, is effective in combating the water retention that occurs when the body accumulates more water than it eliminates.

The blood vessels dilate and disperse the water in different tissues and organs, without eliminating it. Edema is formed, it is external (heavy and swollen legs) or internal (lungs).

Reflexology, how does it work against water retention?
Plantar reflexology, whose foundations have appeared in China, draws a human body in miniature on the innumerable nerve endings of the feet. Each of them corresponding to a part of the organism is named “reflex zone”. “I work sitting all day and in the evening I feel swollen everywhere. In addition, I started a diet to lose a few pounds and I feel that it is not very effective.

One of the fundamentals of foot reflexology is to treat the person as a whole. Thus, water retention reveals a dysfunction of the blood circulation, lymph nodes and frequently, the spleen. In this case, the reflex zones to be stimulated are those of the spleen-pancreas meridian.

In a lying position, a session begins with a washing of the legs with a hot towel and a gentle massage, in order to prepare the subject to receive the active massages, the energetic session then begins. The physical benefits are felt quickly, and very quickly, the swelling of the legs is reduced. “From the second session, I felt more relaxed. My stomach was less swollen after my meals and I slept better. ”

The effect of plantar reflexology is deeper than solving the problem alone, it relaxes and reactivates the mind-body relationship that plays a vital role in daily well-being.

Foot reflexology, for whom?
Some “pathologies” prohibit access to this Chinese method: gout, inflammation, ulcers and foot trauma, epilepsy as well as hypo and hyperthyroidism, recent heart disease, thrombosis and phlebitis, ‘haemophilia.

Plantar reflexology can also interact with medical treatments (deep depressive, diabetic, etc.). People with cancer should speak to specialized therapists and pregnant women avoid reflexology sessions during the first trimester.

Plantar reflexology is practiced by professionals, but it is possible to learn the right actions to do yourself to reproduce the massage or the pressures. In China, “when you touch your feet, you touch the soul”.