Start the sport when you are obese?

Setting a slimming goal when you are obese can sometimes be discouraging , because the road may seem long before the expected results. However, a balanced diet coupled with an adapted sports practice promises a significant weight loss over time in order to find a harmonious silhouette, and an iron health.

In order not to get discouraged and not hurt, it’s important to know which sport to go for.

What kind of sports program to turn to when you are obese?

First of all, before starting a slimming program, it is important to have the right mindset: we do not set a goal model size, the main thing is to find a balanced way of life to be better health. Weight loss will then occur naturally and gradually.

A program based on 3 sports activities per week is a good start. Then all the exercises based on a prolonged effort will be preferred rather than a short and intensive effort.

In fact, when you are overweight, certain types of exercises can quickly be harmful to the joints , or even to the heart, because the body is more likely to suffer pain and discomfort.

Choose a workout based on endurance

It is essential to focus on endurance to train the body towards prolonged effort so that the muscles gradually take precedence over the fat mass. For an effective workout, try to prolong the effort for at least 30 minutes.

However, it is better to avoid certain practices such as running , which promotes joint pain, especially in people with obesity because at each stride, it is 5 to 8 times the weight of the body that the joints cash.

It is better to look for activities such as swimming , which is great for losing weight, training the heart and developing whole body muscles smoothly. At home, it is also possible to train by selecting bodybuilding exercises such as the board, which will cover the belly, arms and back .

Trust a sports coach

To ensure that you make the right moves and choose the right practices for your physical condition and weight, using a sports coach is the ideal solution. In group or individual lessons, the coach’s mission is to target the strengths and weaknesses of each for a specific training that will help lose weight and be fit while remaining motivated.

His encouragement can be decisive when you want to give up and fall back into bad habits . As in any slimming project, the essential is in the mind!

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