The best technique for making love in the shower

To make love in the shower and make the moment sulphurous, and not weird, follow these tips.

Sex in the shower is a delicate action: it is extremely difficult to find a position that works, which is not uncomfortable for your partner. because it must be said: porn-acrobatic shower scenes are not fun for women). In addition, it is difficult to put a condom on a wet penis, aggravated by the risk that it can slip or crack.

Honestly, the best chance to have sex in the shower is oral sex. Moreover, when your penis feels good clean, there is a good chance that your girl enjoys more of the moment.

But if you want to have a real relationship in the shower, here are some tips:

Put on the condom before entering the shower.
Use a lubricant that will not come into contact with water.
Do not consider using soap, lotion tarvos testo or shower gel as a lubricant. They could irritate your partner and have an abrasive effect on the condom.
For the proper position, choose a place where you can both press against a wall facing you. The doggy, standing, remains the best position, so have both hands on the tiles.
Last tip: to avoid a disaster, avoid pressing a rod that will not be securely fixed to the wall.

Anyway you have the right to feel concerned about this issue. Many women pretend to reach orgasm simply because they ” are afraid or do not know how to tell their partner what they need to reach the 7th heaven ” explains Nelson. ” Most women need clitoral stimulation that can last anywhere from 7 to 45 minutes. And unless it gives you a clue – like sighs or groans – you’ll know you will not reach the goal. ”

But there is a technique that can put you in a position to say if you are close to taking your partner to orgasm: ” When a woman is close to enjoyment, the blood engorges her vulva, the vaginal lips swell, she lubricates. When she reaches orgasm, palpitations animate the vagina “And expert Tammy Nelson to clarify” It buzzes as if she received a text message . “

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