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Imagine: you organize a romantic day for your girlfriend or your wife, you concoct a meal, offer him a nice gift before taking him to the room for the grand finale when your physical condition is lacking … not so good! ” Men always feel like they’re in great shape, but endurance is not always there, ” says Liz Lowe, a sports specialist Trialix in Sarasota, Florida. ” The good news is that there are exercises that can help you. The ‘last longer’ will help you push your heart rate to maximum, develop your stamina while adding strength and key elements needed for peak performance . ”

The workout is divided into three parts: endurance, strength, stamina and power. Endurance goes hand in hand with speed and agility by engaging your heart. Once heated, you can engage in hard work. Load the bar and push your strength to the fullest . The final component combines strength and stamina for you to be at the top of the bedroom: ” every repetition must be done with strength. Forget that you are tired and push! Says Lowe.

This training two to three times a week will affect your performance under the duvet . The strength gained can even help you master new acrobatic positions.

1 – Endurance
During three series, no rest between each series.

Sprint: 2 minutes on a treadmill at 95% effort.
Climb up and down a ladder twice.
Shattered slots: 10 reps on each leg
1 minute of recovery

2 – Power and endurance
During three series, no rest between each series.

Slots with loaded bar on the shoulders: 8 repetitions on each leg
Rowing with loaded bar and bent bust: 8 repetitions
Planking on elbows with leg lift back: 10 repetitions of each leg
1 minute of recovery

3 – Strength
During 4 sets, no rest between each round.

Dumbbells with high support (a bench for example): 8 repetitions on each leg.
30 rope slam (thick rope)

Online dating can be difficult. Try these tips whose effectiveness has been statistically proven offered by the industry’s business and watch your inbox spam

What you post and how you interact with your contenders can make the difference between a steamy love affair and a romantic Siberia. We asked experts from online dating sites eHarmony, Match, OKCupid and Hinge to tell us what works and what does not work.

1) Add profile photos . Do not stop at a single photo: adding a second doubles your chances of being contacted and posting more than 10 quadruple your chances. Sports photos have a 45% chance of getting a “like” and black and white photos have 106% more.

2) Smile but do not show your teeth . Men who do not show their white teeth on their photos have a 43% chance of getting a “like”. ” It makes you look more ‘take me seriously ,’ says Olivia Abramowitz of Hinge.

3) Show that you can laugh at yourself . Self-deprecating profiles have 4% more “likes”. For example, a good answer to “my wish list” could be “cook a meal without, for once, having to find the packaging in the trash to read the instructions.”

4) Show that you love the sea or the ocean . Write “veil” on your profile and you will have 69% more contacts. Write “beach” and you’ll get 29% more. The best profiles also tend to mention waterside spots like the Caicos or Nantucket Islands. Do not post pictures in swimsuits, Hinge advises: you’ll get 80% less “I like”.

5) Do messages only 40 to 90 characters . This is the average length of most missives that reach their target. For example, “Expert camper? How many national parks have you visited? “(60 characters).

6) Wait at least 4 hours before sending a message . Contact them twice in less time and you will likely not have an answer.

7) Use the tactics “Bloody Marys and Fried Chicken” . Surprisingly, in 50% of cat applications that mention Bloody Marys and 24% of those that mention fried chicken, people who chat are exchanging their number, says Hinge.

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